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Dogs-N-Joy Terms and Conditions

All clients must agree to these terms and conditions. Dogs-N-Joy will not confirm any booking until a consultation has been carried out and a copy of these terms and conditions has been signed by the client.

All dogs being walked will undergo a trial period at the consultation stage to ensure that they are adequately trained and socialised.

The client must advise Dogs-N-Joy of any behaviour problems and medical conditions your dog(s) may have. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancellation of any contract.

All dogs should be kept up to date with all vaccinations, flea and worming treatments. Proof of this will need to be shown at the consultation.

Dogs-N-Joy will not accept aggressive dogs. The client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including medical care and legal fees) if the client’s dog should bite another dog or person.

Dogs-N-Joy must be advised of any bitches in season and they will only be walked with the client’s permission at their risk.

All dogs will be walked on the lead unless the client has given permission otherwise. Dogs will only be let off the lead once the walker has has gained confidence in the dogs recall.  No more than 4 well behaved dogs will be walked at any one time.

Dogs-N-Joy reserves the right to terminate the walk at any time if a client’s dog does not respond well to the walker and/or other dogs.

The walker will apply personal judgement to cut short a walk because of extreme weather conditions i.e. thunderstorms, extreme heat, ice or injury to the walker or the dog(s) in our care, for the safety of both dog(s) and walker.

The client must provide all items necessary for your pets to be adequately looked after in your absence including: food, medication, leads, collars, harnesses and tags. Should your pet require any additional supplies whilst in the care of Dogs-N-Joy, these will be purchased and added to your bill.

Dogs-N-Joy will care for your pets as you would yourself, and whilst we make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, Dogs-N-Joy cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside the home whilst in our care.
Dogs-N-Joy cannot be held responsible for any complications your pet may suffer or actions of your pet(s) whilst unattended.

The client must provide Dogs-N-Joy with the name and contact number of their chosen veterinary surgeon. The client must also provide Dogs-N-Joy with a name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency.
If the contact is not available, Dogs-N-Joy reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interest of your pet.
Any veterinary treatment necessary will be carried out by your chosen vet or the nearest one for emergency treatment and charged to you accordingly.
The client is entirely responsible for any veterinary bills no matter how they are incurred whilst your pet is in the care of Dogs-N-Joy.

Services are available Monday to Friday. During the winter when daylight hours are shorter, walks will be carried out in well-lit areas only for the safety of the walker.

Full payment for services (agreed at time of booking) is to be made at the end of each walk/visit for individual bookings. Regular clients (three or more bookings per week) may be settled on a weekly basis. Payments are accepted as cash or cheque.
Bank holidays will incur a 50% extra charge.

Any costs as the result of bad cheques will be passed on to the client.

All prices are subject to change. All bookings prior to the price increase will be at the lower rate, thereafter the new rate will apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs-N-Joy will not be available on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

All cancellations will require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Failure to give the minimum notice will result in a 50% charge (half the client’s daily rate). Clients are asked to give as much notice as possible, especially for block bookings.

All client keys will be kept separate from client address details whilst in our possession.
If it is necessary for keys to be dropped off and/or picked up in order to complete a visit, a charge of £2 will be applied if a car journey has to be made. (Keys can be left with a neighbour and incur no extra charge)
Keys that are left under flowerpots, doormats etc. will be at the clients’ risk.


Any trips made outside a 2 mile radius from the centre of Ferndown will incur a charge of 50p per mile.

Bear Cross / Bear Wood:
Any trips made outside of the area will incur a charge of 50p per mile.

Dogs-N-Joy is insured for public liability and has been police checked. Proof of this will be shown to the client during the consultation.

References will be shown during the consultation if required.

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